52 week Book Challenge: Week 18 – 8 inch Floppy Disk Notebooks

A few weeks ago I was excited to get hold of some  5 1/2 inch floppy disks to make notebooks. This week I am even more excited to get my hands on some big 8 inch floppies. Like their 5 1/2 inch relatives, they too are truly floppy so I covered a batch of 8 inch greyboards for the backs.

8 inch covered boards

I cut 20cm pages, which were just slightly smaller than the 8 inch covers, & added an embellishment to the inside to show through the centre hole.

8 inch floppy notebook 1 front

Now my floppy disk notebook family is complete.

Floppy disk notebook family 1

Floppy disk notebook family 2


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52 week book challenge: Week 17 – Post-It Note Holders

Post-It notes are no longer the rather boring dull yellow. They now come in lots of zingy fluorescent shades that deserve to be shown off. Because the colours are so bright, they are set off beautifully by plain black card. I have seen a few tutorials on making string & button closures but it took a few attempts before I liked the result. I first used stardream card for the ‘button’ but it easily got frayed by the string. I then tried to raise the button before attaching but it still frayed the edges. Finally I cut the buttons from bits of plastic which were more durable. I wanted to use plastic from old milk bottles with coloured eyelets to match the paper but my coloured eyelets are not a very good make & don’t set very neatly. So I opted for plain gunmetal eyelets & cut thee plastic ‘buttons’ from coloured toiletries bottles. At last – a look I was satisfied with!

Post-It note holders 1

Post-it note holders 2

Post-it note holder open

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52 week book challenge: Week 16 – Hardback felt scottie notebooks

Thick felt is brilliant for making small notebooks & is flexible enough for Japanese-bound books but is too floppy to use for both the back & front covers. So I covered board in book cloth & just used the felt for the front cover. I was worried that it would tear at the binding holes so I reinforced the bound edge with a strip of stiffened felt. I cut the scottie dogs from the same stiffened felt, & sewed them on. The brad ‘eye’ is a perfect size.


Felt scottie blue

Felt scottie pink

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LifeCare Craft Fair

lifecare poster

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52 week book challenge: Week 15 – 5 1/4 inch floppy disk notebook

Although I am old enough to remember using 3 1/2 inch floppies, I have never used the larger (& truly floppy) 5 1/4 inch disks. Because they are soft, I decided to use one for the front cover & covered board for the back cover. The disk has a round hole in the centre which is perfect for showing a picture from the inside of the book. I knew I had a die cutter which produced a small skull & crossbones which was just the right size to peek out from this hole. I cut the pages from white paper with an extra black one to be the front page. I also found some paper with a funky skulls pattern for the back cover.

5 inch floppy book front

5 inch floopy book inside

5 inch floppy book back

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52 Week Book Challenge: Week 14 – A Batch of Felt Notebooks

I know I have missed a few weeks of this challenge due to life getting in the way of crafting. To make up for lost time, here is a batch of 8 mini felt notebooks. These are to replace those sold at a craft fair at the weekend in time for my next craft fair next weekend.

The ‘Funky Bones’ skulls  seem to be very popular with wee girls so better make more of these, especially in girly colours.

Felt notebooks 1

Felt notebooks 2

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52 week book challenge: Week 13 – Social Media Notebooks

I have a few of these fab retro pictures of facebook, twitter, Skype & You Tube printed onto card. I have used the smaller ones on cards but the larger size is far too big for regular-size cards. The care they are printed on is quite flimsy so I backed them with another sheet of card & cut out a matching size from stardream card for the back cover. I had some small lined notebooks which fitted perfectly. I made one up earlier with a 6 spiral binding which didn’t sit right so I started again with 8 spirals, & that looked better. Since the cards weren’t a standard size, it took a while to work out how to punch 8 holes with the Bind-It-All so I made a template from scrap card so I don’t have to work it out again.

Social media notebooks 1

Social media notebooks 2

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52 Week Book Challenge: Week 12 – Perspex notebook with buttons

A while back I bought some basic black frames for some mixed media pictures I was planning to do (see Gallery / Mixed-media). They came with a sheet of perspex to protect the mounted picture. As the pictures weren’t going to be completely flat I had no need for the bit of perspex. Of course I couldn’t throw it away as “it might come in useful for something someday”.

I thought it would be cool to have a notebook with a completely transparent front cover & was pleased to see that the Bind-it-All punched neatly through it. It looked good but a bit plain so I arranged buttons on it & marked the places of the holes, then drilled  through the marks. I then tied each button on with waxed cotton thread.

Perspex button notebook

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52 week book challenge: Week 11- Dos-a-Dos Spiral Binding

As I have missed a week of this challenge I decided to do a double book this week.

Dos-à-dos binding (from the French meaning “back-to-back”) is a binding structure in which two separate books are bound together such that the fore edge of one is adjacent to the spine of the other, with a shared lower board between them serving as the back cover of both.

I like the idea of a book with lined pages of one side & plain pages on the other. Since I had a stash of  both plain & lined A5 paper to hand I decided to bind them  in a dos-a-dos fashion with a spiral binding. I made the covers slightly wider than I would have done for a single book so that the spirals on both sides wouldn’t interfere with the pages.

Dos-a-dos binding 1

Dos-a-dos binding 2

Dos-a-dos front

Dos-a-dos lined side

Dos-a-dos back

Dos-a-dos plain side

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52 week book challenge: Week 10 – Wallace & Gromit mini spiral notebooks

During another charity shop rummage I found a set of Wallace & Gromit playing cards. They were slightly bigger than average playing cards & had nice jolly pictures on them – perfect notebook material. I had some cheap mini notepads which were gum-bound along the top edge, which matched the cards in size perfectly. This was a bonus as I hate lots of tricky measuring. While the notepads were still intact I rounded the corners of the notepads to match the round corners of the playing cards, with my new toy – the Paper Gator. This is a powerful piece of kit which can cut through multiple sheets of paper, card, chipboard etc like a hot knife through butter. Snapped up from another charity shop for a bargain price. I then punched holes for the binding spirals & cut a new back cover from stardream card. I then separated the sheets & re-bound them with the Bind-it-all.

Wallace & gromit mini notebooks 1

Wallace & Gromit mini notebooks 2

Wallace & Gromit mini notebooks 3

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