Lego Notebooks

Batch of Lego notebooks ready for the craft fair. I had forgotten how much fun it is to make these. I have a huge stash of ‘random paper’ ( plain, lined, graph, music, account book etc). Mostly from charity shops, although nowadays (ie post-covid) there is much less of this type of thing in charity shops so it is harder to find. Although I did mention I had a huge stash. The Lego bases are also harder to come by. I use the old (original) thin bases which are flat on the back, & are thin enough to fit in my binding machine. The newer ones are thicker (so you can build onto both sides), but are too thick for the binding machine. They do come in more jazzy colours though, so will probably get some & just drill holes & do a sewn binding rather than spiral. The other problem is that you used to be able to get the old ones fairly cheaply but now they are ‘collectable’ & people are selling them for ridiculous prices, especially any colours other than the more common grey or green.

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