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52 week book challenge

I love paper. I have always loved paper. I bought a Bind-It-All machine a few years ago which meant that several sheets of paper & a couple of sheets of decorated card could easily be made into a nice wee notebook. Soon I was looking for anything flat which was thin enough to fit into […]

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Notebook display

One thing that interests me at craft fairs (apart from seeing all the lovely goodies made by fellow crafters) is seeing the original way they display their goods for sale. Some of the best displays are those using up-cycled items that were never intended to be used for that purpose, but that work very well. […]

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Keep all your scraps of paper

I hate to throw anything away, including small scraps of paper. I keep them sorted in drawers according to colour. Often I find two completely unrelated bits of paper side by side that go together perfectly. This then makes me hunt for more to see if I have enough for a patchwork card. Cutting squares […]

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