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52 week book challenge: Week 9 – Krazy Kreature Notebooks

Another busy week at work, so here is another ‘one 1 made earlier’.During an afternoon browsing charity shops for other people’s ‘junk’ that can be used to make books or, my other passion, junk jewellery I came across a small tin which contained a card game for young children. I had never heard of the […]

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52 week book challenge: Week 8 – Stapled Pamphlets

When making cards I like to make sure embellishments are well-attached. I often sew them on or use staples, which can themselves become embellishments. How frustrating it is when a staple would make the perfect embellishment, but the perfect place to put it is just too far into the card for the stapler to reach. […]

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52 week book challenge: week 7 – Mini origami Notebook

I was inspired to make this book after seeing a video link on Pinterest to a You Tube video by Paperkawaii on how to make a mini modular origami notebook. In the video she used 6″ square paper sheets to make a really tiny book. I used A4 sheets. I will be trying this with […]

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