52 week book challenge: Week 8 – Stapled Pamphlets

When making cards I like to make sure embellishments are well-attached. I often sew them on or use staples, which can themselves become embellishments. How frustrating it is when a staple would make the perfect embellishment, but the perfect place to put it is just too far into the card for the stapler to reach. I have had a long-reach stapler on my wish-list for some time now. Imagine my joy, when browsing the charity shops to find, lurking at the back of a shelf, a long-reach stapler for the princely sum of £2.

I roughly tore some A4 sheets into quarters & folded each piece in half &  used 12 folded sheets to make a signature. I had a block of patterned card that I have had since I first started card-making many moons ago. Although I liked the colours & patterns, it never seemed to ‘go’ with any project I made. Never throw paper away. It will always be useful for something someday.The size of the sheets was perfect to make covers for my signatures. The addition of 3 staples from the aforementioned long-reach stapler transformed them into nice, simple to make, wee books.

Stapled pamphlets

Stapled pamphlet spines

Stapled pamphlet inside

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