52 week book challenge: Week 17 – Post-It Note Holders

Post-It notes are no longer the rather boring dull yellow. They now come in lots of zingy fluorescent shades that deserve to be shown off. Because the colours are so bright, they are set off beautifully by plain black card. I have seen a few tutorials on making string & button closures but it took a few attempts before I liked the result. I first used stardream card for the ‘button’ but it easily got frayed by the string. I then tried to raise the button before attaching but it still frayed the edges. Finally I cut the buttons from bits of plastic which were more durable. I wanted to use plastic from old milk bottles with coloured eyelets to match the paper but my coloured eyelets are not a very good make & don’t set very neatly. So I opted for plain gunmetal eyelets & cut thee plastic ‘buttons’ from coloured toiletries bottles. At last – a look I was satisfied with!

Post-It note holders 1

Post-it note holders 2

Post-it note holder open

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