Recycled Plastics Necklace – browns

I had bought a new tunic top for a retirement party but the neckline was a bit low for my liking. It needed a nice necklace to set it off. The top was mainly black with shades of brown, so a necklace in these colours would be perfect. I raided my plastics collection to see what I could find. The very dark brown was from coffee jar lids, the semi-transparent brown from a mouthwash bottle, the mustardy one from a tablet bottle, & the pale brown one from a ‘Coffee Mate’ lid. I knew I had a selection of black & coppery jewellery findings which would have been ideal, but they were obviously hiding somewhere out of sight. Unfortunately, as it was the night before the party I didn’t have time to search for them so I just tied the ‘beads’ together with waxed cotton, & did the same for the closure. This looked OK & worked well to join the ‘beads’ but I would need to find a more robust closure. Now where did I put those findings?

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