52 week book challenge: Week 10 – Wallace & Gromit mini spiral notebooks

During another charity shop rummage I found a set of Wallace & Gromit playing cards. They were slightly bigger than average playing cards & had nice jolly pictures on them – perfect notebook material. I had some cheap mini notepads which were gum-bound along the top edge, which matched the cards in size perfectly. This was a bonus as I hate lots of tricky measuring. While the notepads were still intact I rounded the corners of the notepads to match the round corners of the playing cards, with my new toy – the Paper Gator. This is a powerful piece of kit which can cut through multiple sheets of paper, card, chipboard etc like a hot knife through butter. Snapped up from another charity shop for a bargain price. I then punched holes for the binding spirals & cut a new back cover from stardream card. I then separated the sheets & re-bound them with the Bind-it-all.

Wallace & gromit mini notebooks 1

Wallace & Gromit mini notebooks 2

Wallace & Gromit mini notebooks 3

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