52 week book challenge Week 2: ’52 Things I Love About You’

When I first saw one of these books it ticked all the right boxes. It was made from something not originally intended to be a book, it was using recycled stuff, & it was quirky. I have seen several versions of this book – this is my take on it.

Old, unloved decks of cards, in all shapes & sizes, are always readily available for next to nothing in charity shops. Firstly I bound them using my Bind-It-All. I then cut the individual letters for the title from vivelle, with the word LOVE in red so that it stands out. This makes the words nice & tactile. There is a blank label on every page for someone to write each of their ’52 reasons’ before giving it to their loved one. It would make a great valentines gift.

Playing card book

Playing card book open 1

Playing card book open 2

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