52 Week Book Challenge. Week 4: Coptic-Bound Lego Book

16 x 16 pin square Lego baseplates make perfect sized notebooks. The only problem being that at 5″ square they make for some awkward paper trimming. That was until I found 10″ square artists drawing pads. These are easily cut in half to make signatures, or quarters for spiral bound notebooks.

For this book I folded 6 signatures & used Coptic stitch to bind them to the Lego covers. Although the finished book looks great from the outside, I am not entirely happy with it. I wanted the decorative Coptic stitch to stand out so I used 1mm  thick red waxed cotton thread. It does make the stitching stand out but it was a bit thick to go through the holes in the paper easily & the knots were very bulky. (Note to self : I really must learn how to tie a ‘weavers knot’). Also I slightly underestimated the amount of thread so I ran out at the start of the last signature & had to join a new thread with a bulky knot. Never mind, I can always unpick it & start again. Practice makes perfect.

Coptic lego book

Coptic lego book open


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